All the images and art used to manufacture the products for sale on this website are legally purchased from their intellectual owners via websites such as Etsy. Upon sale of these images and art works, a condition is present that the digital works cannot be sold but may be used to manufacture products for a small business. 
Bankai Anime Shop is a small business that manufacturers products using legally obtained images and art work. Additionally, certain productions are protected under Fair Use, for they are utilized in a manner which differs from the original intellectual property. Under fair use, modifying a work to make a unique and additional work with differing meaning/POV allows Bankai Anime Shop to produce unique products using universal concepts and characters across several Anime Genres. 
If at any point a mistake has been conducted on our part with a certain production, we are more than happy to remove this product from active sales to correct it. We ask that you notify us if there are any issue so that we may investigate and correct the situation.