Return Policy

Product Not What You Expected?

Missing Items: Pictures and descriptions show and advise what is to be included with your purchase. All decorative pieces in the photos are not for sale, and this is made clear in the descriptions. 

Issues with Quality: We have an extensive quality check process. It would be highly unlikely for a sub-par product to be shipped out unless you have made a purchase from our Defective Products Collection. All Defective Product Purchases are Final Sale. If you have an issue with the overall quality of the product and you are within the allowed timeframe, an explanation for quality improvement and photos will be required. 

Is Your Bundle or Order Missing Items?

This would be highly unlikely because as part of our shipping process, we will include a packing slip with each item checked off and a photo is taken to document that all contents for the shipment have been included. In the case that you did not receive all your items, a photo of the packing slip and the contents you did receive will be required before a return or new shipment can be processed. 

Was Your Purchase Damaged in Transit?

If your purchase was damaged in transit, photos of the damages will be required. If proven to be damaged in transit, we will process a return or replacement. Depending on your purchase, you may be asked to return the damaged product. 

How Long Do I Have to Request a Return or Replacement?

Returns: A return can be requested only within 2 weeks after your shipment has arrived. 

Replacements: Damaged and Defective Products must be reported within 5 days of shipment arrival.